Experience and strength.



As a Top 10  Financial Review FAST STARTER and with more than $50 million in construction successfully completed, we have proven our value and endurance. Our strategic capabilities, innovative approach and broad construction experience have allowed us to tackle projects with minimal financial risk and ensure sustained balance sheet growth. Coupled with our desire to be agile and smart about construction, a conservative approach to finances has enabled significant investment for future growth.

With a $50m performance security facility and public liability for projects up to $20m in size, we can confidently undertake large and complex works. We meet any challenge with the experience of our team and the strength of our resolve. We will find a solution to any challenge.  

The majority of our projects have been in sensitive environments, where limiting disruption to stakeholders and the public are primary considerations. The fact that  90% of our work is repeat business pays testament to our ability to deliver on our promises.

All of our internal processes and proprietary software serve to support our continued financial strength – while empowering our people with the right tools to get the job done. Director involvement at every level of the business ensures a strategic and passionate approach to all projects. 

Building better with new ideas.

We hold innovation at the heart of our approach and we pride ourselves on challenging the accepted methods and standards of the construction industry.

The vast majority of construction companies are using a mix of outdated and generic systems.  Our unique ability to develop proprietary software solutions sets us apart from the competition.

We streamline the entire construction process to allow information exchange at all stages - from design right through to occupation - bringing a new level of clarity to project management.

Our systems allow us to react fast and manoeuvre to maintain deadlines and budgets. Where bigger companies delay and stick to the script, we enable better outcomes by pre-empting problems, implementing our sophisticated in-house solutions and delivering smarter construction.

Ultimately, our technical solutions save our clients money by enabling us to be smarter, leaner and more agile.  Exceptional results from complex projects, coupled with continued growth, are testament to the approach we take and the systems we have in place.


Delivering on the promise.

Everything we do is about making the journey and the outcome of the project better.  Collaboration is vital to this approach, and in particular our ability to communicate on every level – especially in sensitive operational environments.

Commitment is at the very heart of our relationships with clients, stakeholders and authorities. Our customers’ needs always come first, whether it is through deeper engagement with a sensitive worksite, managing stakeholder expectations, or simply taking the time to listen.

Our people take pride in delivering the project and have the passion to see it through.  Reputation is everything to us and we always go the extra mile.


For us, care is more than simply demanding the highest standards in all our safety, sustainability and quality compliance.

It’s more than the work we do with charities and the community.

At Structure, care is a matter of pride, and the cornerstone of our company philosophy.



V.SAFE is our absolute commitment to occupational health and safety.  We recognise our duty of care to our valued employees, but also know that a good safety culture is the benchmark of a successful construction company.

An effective WHS management system relies on total commitment, best practice risk management and real worker engagement. We nurture and encourage these safety elements at all levels of the business:

Our commitment to continually improving V.SAFE is based on the following simple approach:

  • MANAGE safety by implementing an effective and practical WHS system, developing initiatives and communicating through training, inductions, signage and toolbox talks
  • MONITOR compliance with the WHS system and report performance to management through inspections, monthly statistics and site audits
  • REVIEW WHS strategy based on new legislation or codes of practice, incidents, worker representation and participation, safety alerts and at management strategy meetings

We want all employees to be safe and satisfied at work, and we know that objective ultimately leads to improvements in productivity, reduced incident rates and long term benefits for all stakeholders. 

V.SAFE has been certified, and is annually reassessed, by independent risk management and compliance specialists.

We're on a mission.  Every one, home safe, every day.  It's our number one priority.



Sustainability and environmental responsibility are the cornerstones of green building.  We must reduce the overall impact of construction on human health and the natural environment with efficiency, protection and reduction strategies.

V.GREEN represents our business aim to minimise the detrimental impact of building processes and promote sustainable behaviour through technological progress and cultural change.

Our team have experience on NABERS, GREEN STAR and BASIX projects, implementing the most progressive industry approaches to sustainability.

The core values of V.GREEN are:

  • EFFICIENCY in use of energy, water and other resources on site
  • PROTECTION of worker occupational health and wellbeing
  • REDUCTION in waste, pollution and other environmental degradation as a result of site activities

In short we take our corporate social responsibility seriously and endeavour to engage methodologies which maintain a sustainable approach to construction.



V.CLASS is our promise to deliver all projects with uncompromising quality and dedication to client satisfaction.

A sense of pride is a fundamental attitude in our people.  The desire to go above and beyond.  We expect the same from our subcontractors and we reinforce this throughout the project, with high-level management maintaining a regular presence on site, and actively participating in all levels of client engagement.

V.CLASS incorporates the following ideals:

  • INSPECTION AND TEST PLANS are developed in consultation with stakeholders to ensure all quality issues and requirements are identified, agreed upon and satisfied
  • ASSURED COMPLIANCE is achieved through a methodical approach to authorities with exceptional planning and preparation
  • ZERO DEFECT TOLERANCE is instilled in our people for works to be completed without compromise and at the first time of asking
  • SOLUTIONS-BASED management is a forward-thinking attitude that maintains momentum on our projects

Through effective quality assurance procedures we will continue to deliver complex projects to a high standard, all in accordance with the Building Code of Australia and to the satisfaction of all authorities.




Giving back is an important part of our corporate social responsibility.

We enjoy supporting a number of local sports teams each year, which allows us to become active participants in our broader community. Club sponsorship and donations to community endeavours reinforce our company values, giving back to the kids and to the communities that foster our company and allow us to grow.

We also have an active charitable programme, supporting a range of worthwhile causes. Our chosen charities reflect the company ethos of care, sustainability and community safety, and we actively encourage our staff to participate by matching all employee donations.

Please contact care@structure.com.au for further information or to discuss partnering opportunities.